2019 Nissan Armada Brief Overview

Nissan’s representative in the full-size SUV segment is Armada. Its dimensions are similar to other models, such as Infiniti QX80, Toyota Sequoia, or Chevy Tahoe. Although many sources put Armada in the same segment with the redesigned Toyota Land Cruiser, the new 2019 Nissan Armada is in the category of a slightly cheaper Sequoia, while its main competitors are Chevy Tahoe / Suburban. But, with ground clearance the 2019 Nissan Armada offers, it will be an advantage over its rivals.

Updates on the 2019 Nissan Armada will include one extra inch of gap between SUV and ground. Also, few new features will refresh the interior. Outside, everything is pretty much the same, so there is no reason for excitement. Nissan could add few more colors.

2019 Nissan Armada

2019 Nissan Armada Engine and Fuel Economy

Huge, 390-hp-rated V-8 engine is under the hood of the 2019 Nissan Armada. A 5.6-liter displacement consumes a lot of fuel, but it will make up everything with almost 400 lb-ft of torque. Power goes to rear wheels by default. Buyers can decide to pick up all-wheel drive instead. The 2019 Armada will need less than 6 seconds to reach 60 mph. Top speed of the full-size crossover is going to be 130 mph. Next year we hope to see 2019 Nissan Armada achieve 20 mpg on highways using RWD.

2019 Nissan Armada Features and Trim Levels

The new Armada is again using three levels of equipment. The entry-level model is SV, mid-range is SL, while the top of the class is Platinum edition. Premium audio system and big infotainment screen are just small part of the wide offer included in the base model. A power liftgate and parking sensors are available as optional features.


We can say that 2019 Nissan Armada will be a cheaper version of the Infiniti QX80. The luxury branch of Nissan’s automotive group costs $65,000. Since the same owner develops these crossovers, we will see many similarities. One of the major differences is in the price since Armada costs $45,000. Only Platinum trim is going to get close to QX80 with a price around $60k.

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